Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick updates

Well, month 6 is here in full force. There is an updated picture of the growing belly :) Some days seem bigger than others- is that just me, or did anyone else feel that way? Anyway- I discovered this week how much more fun it is to buy baby clothes than maternity clothes. I told Charles, if this keeps up, we are going to have the best dressed baby with the worst dressed mom because I am spending my clothes money on her. I love it though... and besides- do you really feel cute in ANYTHING when you are pregnant? lol just kidding- I have it pretty easy I have to admit. So far pregnancy has been pretty fun.
We are really excited to see Lori, Jeremy, and the girls tomorrow! They are coming through for a couple of days on their way home from visiting Jeremy's family for the week. We are really looking forward to their visit!
We are down to the wire!! We have 2 more days left of class and then finals and then... GRADUATION! Wow... I can't believe I can say that!! I'm graduating in less than 2 weeks!! After that, we are headed to Texas for a few days and then we make the trek to Washington to settle in and get the house finished up. It is coming a long great! I get excited when I see pictures of the progress. Mama Himmer is working double time for us up there and we are SOO grateful to her for all of her hard work so that we can have a place to live when we get there :) I'll post a few pictures soon so you can all see how things are coming.
I had to share these two pictures of Charles during Conference last weekend. This little stitching thingy was one of my projects while we listened to the talks. After watching me through a few hours of talks, Charles asked if he could try. It was so cute I just had to take a picture to show you all.

Well- thats our quick update for the week. More to come as we have some VERY exciting things coming in the next 2 weeks. It might be a blog overload :)


you'll find me in paris said...

haha, way to be crafty charles! I hope you guys enjoy your last little bit here, we need to do something before you leave, and thanks for letting us go to pudding on the rice with you guys the other night!

Aunti Em said...

okay that is so cute! it was so great seeing yall the other night.

Aunti Em said...

okay that is so cute! it was so great seeing yall the other night.

Joey and Kara Fabela said...

Heather, you look so cute pregnant! They have so many cute things out there for girls! I would hate to actually add up how much I spent on Kaiya! I think I would be surprised on how much I spent.

Bj & Katherine said...

first, you look ADORABLE!!!!! pregnancy looks good on you :). second, charles also looks adorable in his cross stiching picture. haha.

Texas Blad's said...

We miss you already!!