Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanks for a Great 22nd

Today has been a great day to end a great week! Charles started my birthday celebrations a little early this week by kidnapping me and taking me up to the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake for the night on Wednesday. We stayed in the Phantom of the Opera room... classic! We had a lot of fun and it was great to get away for a night. Saturday he took me out to eat at Outback, were... the steak was delicious, but the real treat, I must admit- was the BlueBell Icecream for dessert. For those of you who have never experienced the greatness that is Blue Bell... bless your soul. Charles's comment while I got excited was "following in your mom's footsteps, eating Blue Bell while pregnant." I wouldn't have it any other way!! Look out Texas- We have a whole week there! I hope all the stores are stocked! After dinner we went to a Comedy Show at Wiseguys. It was a lot of fun. We tripled with Adam and Tessa, and Andria and Randy. We had a good time with all of them.
This morning I got woken up to "Happy Birthday" and breakfast in bed! Charles got up and made me crepes- yum!! Then he finally let me open my birthday presents. What a fun birthday! Thanks to Mom and Dad for the cute heart earrings! I love them and since they are the only earrings that I own now that won't irritate my ears- they will get lots of wear! Great choice! Thanks to Mom and Dad Himmer for the cute socks, awesome aprons, and baby name book! I'm sure we are going to need to go through that in the coming months. My wonderful husband topped it off with a "gift card" for a date night of shopping for me and baby- and 2 pressure cookers! I have been really wanting some because I hear they are great- now I just have to figure out how to use them.
Thanks to everyone who called, texted, emailed, or even blogged (Thanks Emily!!) to tell me happy birthday! It is always great to have friends and family who love you!! Thanks again to everyone who made this birthday so great!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

mmm... Blue Bell homemade icecream, what a perfect way to sayyyy...
Have yourself a bluebell country day.... :)

Us at the comedy club

For those of you who know me well... you know a baby name will not
be an easy choice- this will DEFINITELY come in handy! and... sorry about the weird face

The birthday ensemble: earrings, apron, book, pressure cooker, apron, and socks!

Cute earrings from Mom and Dad... again- why do I make weird faces??


Alison said...

oh my goodness!!! HEATHER!!! i didn't know you were prego!! HUGE CONGRATS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so excited for you. When are you due...did i miss a blog post of yours or something?

Em said...

You're so cute! What a birthday celebration! I'm jealous! You better hop in that kitchen and get goin' with those pressure cookers.

Bj & Katherine said...

what exactly is a pressure cooker?? am i supposed to know what that is? haha.

you'll find me in paris said...

BLUE BELL! YUM! And what a fun birthday, you guys are great!