Monday, October 8, 2007

A little something to SPICE things up

Well it seems like lately with all the work and school... that nothing new ever happens in our lives, hence the weeks without blogging. Trust me... we would bore you to death if we told you what we did all day- we are practically boring ourselves to death these days. Anyway... there have been a few things to break up the monotony lately that we have some funny pictures to document. First of all we have the classic... Heather is starved for attention picture. This was taken after a LONG day at school. Charles has been busy helping with 3 or 4 start up companies lately, so most of the nights he spends working on those. On this particular night, Charles got a phone call from one of the guys he is working with and they were brainstorming. After about 30 minutes I had had enough. I started by shamelessly moonwalking across the kitchen floor while he talked, hoping to get a laugh... nothing. After a few more dance moves, I realized I was going to have to work a little harder to break him this time. And this picture is the result. Not only did I get him to laugh... he even wanted to take a picture. That was just the attention I needed to head back to my marketing book satisfied:)

The next ones are not quite so fun to remember... This incident inspired the "spice" in the title of this blog. One sunny Sunday afternoon, I decided to make one of our favorite things... home made salsa. Little did I know of the events that would follow. I was getting over a cold at the time, and had a bit of a runny nose. So after chopping the onion, and jalepeno, I had to take a break to blow the old shnozz. Well, I quickly washed my hands... emphasis on quickly... and went to blow my nose. Mere seconds later it hit me. My hand washing had not been sufficient to remove the excess jalepeno oils from my hands and sheer panic struck in. Lucky for Kyle he was here and was able to witness the whole event along with Charles. I ran back into the kitchen and started acting on my ideas...

First... Ice- it helps in the instant to numb the pain... but just as drinking water doesn't help when you eat something spicy... ice doesn't cool the burning oil of a jalepeno in your nose.

Second... Charles suggests, milk helps when you drink it... try that. So out of desperation, comes picture #2... yes, that is me trying to pour a cup of milk up my nose. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Don't be fooled by the smile on my face. The situation was humorous for about 2 minutes... and then I made Charles put the camera away and get both of our mothers on the phone until we had this crisis handled. It ended with olive oil and q-tips. If anyone ever has such a problem again... learn from our new found knowledge. Oil extracts oil... water intensifies it!


Texas Blad's said...


Em said...

Wow. First of all, the pantyhose on the head look is good on you.

Good to know about the olive oil! At least you didn't rub your eyes..i think that'd be worse! Poor Heather.

Alison said...

hahaha, you kill me! and why was charles taking pictures in your desperate time of need?! haha!

you'll find me in paris said...

hahaha, i LOVE the panty hose pictures! I miss you guys so much! And that sounds like it was rather painful...I'll be sure to remember that!