Sunday, August 12, 2007

Half Marathon

As a lot of you know, yesterday was our big half marathon. There is not much to say about it other than... WE DID IT! Charles and Kyle both had very "respectable" times. haha... It was a fun little challenge, but boy are we feeling it today! I feel like a 90 year old women walking around all hunch backed trying to shuffle myself around. Anyone have a wheel chair they would like to donate?? Just kidding... its not so bad... Alissa got a few pictures, unfortunately... I was running so fast past the finish line, the camera couldn't capture my speed. It did get the two slow pokes as they crossed... :)


Bj & Katherine said...

brad is making me do one of those! haha. and i too will be so fast the camera wont be able to catch me cross the finish line....haha.

you'll find me in paris said...
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you'll find me in paris said...

oops, i messed up the other comment, lemme try again...That's awesome that you guys did that!! Some day I'll be able to run like you kids...some day...ahahah...yeah right. I'm excited to see you guys this next week!