Sunday, March 11, 2007

Party night at work!!

We have had our big tests the past three weeks at work, it is the busiest part of the semester. Andria and I had to go in and work late one night, so Charles came along to do some homework. Our work isn't the most exciting thing. We had to put together about 200 test packets and stuff them in envelopes, make the test rosters, and get listening tapes ready. Now... Charles thinks I made this blog to point out all the funny things he does... and after the camping experience, the bad things he says. This time... I thought I would highlight one of the great things about him! He can make any dull moment a blast. Here he is in the conference room at work with his homemade "party hat" livening up the night and lightening the mood.

Here is his "YAY!! WHOO! WE'RE NUMBER ONE!" face

dead serious doing homework

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